Best of Show

Tim Syring’s painting: Chippewa River Anticipationa watercolor. Congrats Time!

GoPaint! 2015 Paintings

Dialogue With the Wind

Dedication 8/26/14
One of my last tasks carving and hand sanding top section into textural areas. All Glory to God .. He guided my hand!
Julie D

Macro sanding

Clarifying macro sanding of carved surfaces on ‘Dialogue With the Wind’ on top of carving leading into natural texture gradations from smooth to rough and in between carved textures. Onward. Julie

Scale of carving

Earlier this week a friend of mine from Menomonie stopped down to preview the carving. She agreed to stand next to the carving to give a sense of scale for ‘Dialogue With The Wind’ carving which is 5’x5’x7′.
I am in the last 10 days of finishing the carving which will be completed on August 7, 2014. Then unveiled/dedicated on August 26 at 4:30 pm at the site. In the meantime I am working on the signage for the carving, which has to pass city counsel so that might not be in place until September. My blogging will be winding down but would like to thank everyone for their support and watching my progress close up and afar. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity in my 35 year art life and a challenge and joy to accomplish! Until August 26, Onward! Julie D

Continuing clean up phase

Today, I carved out another section on
‘River ripples/water current side leading into ‘tall grasses in the wind’ side. Then worked on macro-carving sanding to vary the textural array as it pertains to water and current and whirl pools. Onward! Julie D


Here is an image of the elongated clarification toward lower right side that rather completes ‘river ripples and water current’ west side of ‘Dialogue With the Wind’ public art carving. Onward! Julie D


Sometimes, in the creative process one needs a day to let things be, before looking at the carving to see ‘what’s next’. Today, I found a section in the lower transitional corner her where it begs to have a smooth textured curvilinear area elongated into the ‘water ripples’ side. Happy to get to it ‘next’! Onward! Julie D

Image 2

‘Water ripples’ around transitional corner lead into ‘talk grasses in the wind’. Jd.

Final frontier

Worked on ‘water ripples’ side of ‘Dialogue With the Wind’ to clarify water sections in textural variation and sense of water currents. Image 1 of 2 full side.
Visited with 5 people about carving today amid 20 boaters, fishermen and kayakers. Onward. Julie D