Public Sculpture RFP-Durand WI

Durand Public Sculpture

We Have Winner!

The proposal by Julie Dierauer has been awarded the commission.  It will be exciting to see Julie sculpting on location this summer in the month of June, ‘rain or shine’ as she said!

Julie’s sculpture will be from stone quarried from a local material, the Dunnville Sandstone.  Dunnville Sandstone is the material from which the Mabel Tainter is built.

Thank you to the other talented artists who submitted.  We truly appreciate your effort and wish you the best in your future creative endeavors.



Submitted proposals, in no particular order:

Ben Zoltaks concrete construction with glazed tiles

Ben Zoltaks
concrete construction with glazed tiles


Matt Andersons, concrete, copper and steel

Matt Andersons, concrete, copper and steel


Kollin Konitzer's cinder block, mortar on concrete

Kollin Konitzer’s
cinder block, mortar on concrete


William D Hoeser's steel on concrete base

William D Hoeser’s steel on concrete base


Julie Dierauer's hand carved marble (this is an example of past work)

Julie Dierauer’s
hand carved marble
(this is an example of past work)





Jurying will be taking place the week of March 18th with the winner announced the last week of March.


Overview of Project:

The City of Durand, Wisconsin and Imagination Nation, Inc, have joined efforts and financing to bring a permanent public sculpture to the community’s new Riverside Park, on the banks of the Chippewa River.

Prairie Garden

One important consideration regarding the installation of this sculpture is the potential

for flooding of the site due to the proximity to the Chippewa River.

Site for the Sculpture

Riverside Park: site of proposed sculpture

Eligibility Criteria: Imagination Nation, Inc. is putting out a Call for Proposals inviting individuals interested in installing a public sculpture.  All are welcome to submit, whether professional artist or not.

Budget: $4,000 (Expected to cover all design, fabrication and installation expenses associated with the project.)

Conceptual Considerations:  We are interested in artwork that could/would:
► Serve as a gathering spot.
►  Encourage a sense of community.
►  Potentially having a functional purpose (bench, table, shade)
►  Be timeless and bear repeated viewing over time.
►  Be complex enough to allow viewers to learn from it over time and provide a sense of  discovery.
► Serve as an ambassador—the artwork needs to be appealing and accessible to both arts and non-arts people.

Potential Materials: The selection committee is interested in natural materials rather than synthetic materials. The selection committee is interested in durable, permanent materials that support the artist’s concept and require minimal maintenance. Materials that can withstand seasonal flooding and other weather concerns.

Limitations:  The size shall not exceed a total of 216 cubic feet.  Electricity will likely be available for lighting the sculpture.

Site: Two locations within the park have been identified for potential siting of the sculpture, in the rain garden or the prairie garden.


Deadline for proposals: March 1, 2013  (entries submitted prior to this date will be posted on the Imagination Nation website for public viewing.)
Notification of award: March 31, 2013
Deadline for installation of sculpture: June 1, 2013

Sculpture Application Form PDF


About Us

Jean Accola, President

Jean is a painter  in watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel. She has owned and operated the Accola Gallery in Durand WI for over twenty five years.  She is married to musician Yata.

I love to travel and experience other cultures, their art, music, food, textiles, and environment.  The hard part though, is being away from the grandbabies for an extended period!

Bill Hoeser, Vice President

Bill is known for a wide range of creative occupations, from fine art drawing & painting, murals, sign-painting, and more.  He is known for visionary thinking….the infinite possibilities!

Nursery rhyme books were my favorites, especially the series called “The Book House” beginning with the cover of soft pale green hue, where illustrated simple humorous stories and colorful pictures, called for my attention.

Julie Dierauer, Secretary

Art instructor since 1994, Julie holds WI state teacher licensure in preK-12 Art and has been K-8 Art instructor at Assumption Catholic School, Durand, WI since 2008. She earned BS and MA degrees in art education and art from UW-Stout and UW-Milwaukee. MFA from Clayton University, St. Louis.
Julie has carried a professional visual art exhibition record since 1980. Her specialties are traditional direct material sculpture in terra cotta(fired)clay, terra secca(polymer) clay, and stone carving. Julie completed ‘Dialogue With the Wind’ public art stone carving at the River View Park, Durand, WI in August 2014. ” community arts endeavors compel me to stay current.”

 Julie’s ” quiet” vocation is creative writing which she has practiced for 40 years. Beginning in 2015 she will offer creative writing workshops through Imagination Nation.

Sheila Castleberg, Treasurer

Sheila lives and works in rural Buffalo County.  She has worked in stained glass and mosaics, primarily, for the last few years.  But she has also dabbled in other mediums and has had a lot of fun doing it. She hopes to keep expanding her horizons!
Surrounding myself with wonderfully creative people, like the members of Imagination Nation, has been very uplifting to me and I encourage others to join!


Marianne Maron, Board Member