Clarification and uplift

7/24/2014 unifying flow and lift from ‘water ripples’ to ‘tall grasses in the wind’. Corners are now organic transitions! Onward! Julie D

‘Tall grasses in the wind’

Carved around corner leading the flow and lift into ‘look to the river’ area of carving. Other areas being cleaned up and clarified in form and textural array. Onward! Julie D

Another transitional angle ..

That follow ‘flow” of forms engaged in implied movement. 7/23/2014. Julie D

Another interesting angle

transitions of flow with ‘tall grasses in the wind’ into ‘look to the river’ side of the carving. Worked on today 7/22/2014. Onward! Julie D

Hot carving during hot summer days

Got out early this morning and once again approached the ‘tall grasses in the wind’ side of ‘Dialogue With the Wind’ to clarify and create transitional ‘flow’ between all sections and sides of the carving. Utilized hand carving for some greater inlaid depths and hand sanding to macro carve details on the stone surface. Onward! Julie D

7/21/2014 carving progress

There are actually no corners to this stone anymore as the carving has evolved into something like two oblong sides and top side and base. On the side that faces the river road ‘ tall grasses in the wind’ I spent time today clarifying through carving the transitional areas above the curvilinear grasses that take the eye both directions to the rest of the carving. More to do. Onward! Julie

7/19/2014 start of final phase

Today I bleach washed the stone for the first time. Especially at the base of the carving to take care of the mosses and molds. The bleach worked very effectively and I will apply bleach to the carving several times yet before the unveiling at end of August. I also began sanding areas on the fish side for clarity and transitions of forms. This hand sanding will be done on all sides as needed.Onward! Julie

Outdoor light as sculptor

Today 7/17/14 as I was at the site I was thinking about the importance of light on the surfaces of sculpture both museum and outdoor public sculpture.
With ‘Dialogue With the Wind’ there is considerable translucency with the carved forms and overlap incised lines that impact how sunshine continues to ‘carve’ the stone with cast shadows, direct light and overcast skies. This piece changes with the light every hour of every day! In that regard the forms are responsive to living water and elements in nature that reinforces the carving’ flow and lift! Joy! Julie D

More ‘lift’ and textures

Today, I worked on the west side ‘water ripple’ textures that conjoined with the ‘tall grasses in the wind’ south side. Also made more cut offs down by base of stone adding more ‘lift’ to the diagonal nw and se corners of stone. Keeping the ‘flow’ visible on all sides continues through natural connector ‘ribbons’ and stone strands that are being detailed presently. Onward! Julie

July 15, 2014

Mid-afternoon I went to the site and worked for some over two hours on the east side of the stone. Worked on clarifying organic ‘ribbon’ forms and clarifying textures using 1/4″ and 1/2″ chisels.
Julie D