July 14/15

This is an image at an angle that shows some textural relief work in progress.
I have been laid low with a summer head cold yesterday and today.Yesterday I worked with Jean, Bill and Sheila from Imagination Nation on our plans for unveiling ‘Dialogue With the Wind’ via email. I took my summative project report into local printer with an order for copies for our city counsel members and IN officers and other interested folks. I have been studying the carving as I head into the final phase of the project for additional carving, hand sanding and bleach washing at the last so to take care of any mosses on the stone at the base. Onward! Julie D

Macro-carving 2nd example

This series of forms on the NE corner of the ‘look to the river’ side of ‘dialogue with the wind’ is a viable interpretive image of a blowing cloud (wind). Julie D


Today, I was out at the site on a lovely sunny Sunday! Lots of locals/families boating and fishing. Lincoln and Canyon visited me with their mom and we visited about the carving. They are art students of mine at St Mary’s . A few other people stopped by. I hand sanded selected surfaces today. Hand sanding is a macro-carving technique that brings out details on forms, and creates viable transitions between forms and assorted textures,not just smoothing out surfaces. I find the hand sanding as engaging and involved as chisel and mallet carving. Onward! Julie D

Saturday morning carving in sprinkles

It decided to start sprinkling / rain about the time I headed to the site. I would not be deterred and I was only one in park. I was on a mission to make further carving on middle upper and top of ‘fish’ side of carving that I have been working on for several days in different sections. Needed to create and merge with top of stone with side and break up undefined area into something more organic in form and fitting the curvilinear movements on this side. Now the top part of the ‘fish’ side is more varied in form with raised and inset forms and imagery. TBC Julie

Cleaned up SW corner

Greater depth and clarified carved forms. All Best, jd

Carving and hand sanding

Cleaned up this area of lower third of north/ fish side of stone today as well as clarifying carving on SW corner of stone. Onward between rain showers! Julie D

Another view of new ‘lift’

On lower SE corner from ‘tall grasses in the wind’ south side and moving into the inlaid organic designs raised as well as inset with ‘look to the river’ side. Thanks all! Jd

7/10/14 carving progress

Created another cutaway of portion is stone to create another ‘lift’ on SE corner so the massiveness of the stone doesn’t end where the lawn starts. A spatial solution to a solid mass issue. Onward to weekend work on the carving rain or not. Onward! Julie

Carving process images

Spent the morning .. Few hours borrowing school library computer to move 322 iPhone photos if the carving process from its beginning in late August 2013 to July 10, 2014 to my school computer hard drive and then burned two compact disks with complete set if images. Final 5 weeks of carving from now until around August 20 will be preserved on a second compact disk. This mostly for my own record of my unique carving process. Image below is from the cleaning up and softened forms on top of the stone, That got accomplished a week ago.
Onward! Julie D

Besides carving..

I carve about 3 hours everyday including weekends. I blog and post the day’s carving progress everyday. I review the continuous collection of daily photographs of carving progress now at 328 images from the first image of the uncut raw stone to where the carving has progressed as of today. I study these photos which takes a couple of hours and plan for the next day’s work, sharpen chisels. It’s pretty much a full time endeavor until ‘Dialogue With the Wind’ is completed. Not that anyone has asked me, I was compelled to provide full disclosure on what my carving days are like for this project! Thanks!! Onward! Julie
PS photo is a corner angle that progresses from ‘look to the river’ side to the ‘fish/ water/ drift wood side.